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Kramer Beverage Co.
161 S 2nd Rd Hammonton, NJ 08037 609-704-7000
Gina Wherry
RE/Max Realty Group Conshohocken and Harleysville, PA 215-256-1200
Wild Burrito
6300 New Jersey Ave Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260 609-523-9453

Its show time

On behalf of the Wildwood Crew we welcome you to the 22nd Annual Wildwood Ultimate Tournament. Thanks to your participation, we have shattered our own world’s record again, big time.

We are honored that you have chosen to attend, we get it, we play (though not so much this weekend (some are busier than others)).  We want you to leave swearing you don’t want miss next year.   Hell, sometimes we wish we could be you.  Thanks to you hundreds of thousands dollars have flowed from this event into worthy charities (see our website, the tournament that gives back) and raised awareness for our sport.  On behalf of our many recipients we thank you.   Lastly we really want you to have good time; it has been our mission and has been from the beginning.   The following is a list of things to keep in mind to help us and you:

We provide physical trainers and have boo coo  (spell check failure) EMT and Paramedic support if you or someone on your team is injured CALL 911(try and remember what field you’re on); do not try and transport.  If you have a minor injury go the Medical tent they may be able to get you restarted.  You are paying for this and we encourage you to use them.

Please stay hydrated, if you have never played on the beach before the ocean is not a source of water (neither is beer see earlier diatribe) there are trucks full of water use them save your gallon jugs for refills.  Recognize the environment, use sunscreen, we understand you want a tan but skin cancer is now #1 hell we’re donating funds to treat it.  Use high SPF and reapply often.  If you get burnt see point number 1.

Lightning Policy: if you here the sirens, if you see trucks honking horns and here people yelling get off the beach…..go!  The faster you leave and the event passes, the faster play can resume.  The clock does not start ticking for our return until the beach is clear.  Under the boardwalk is still on the beach……………..sort of.  I know you’ll never get struck by lightning but it’s a really big flat place and you’re the tallest thing on it.

Trash HELLO!, come on this is our hardest job it is mind boggling give us a hand PLEASE!

The Lifeguards are there for a reason, use common sense and do not swim alone day or (check the laws).  NO Night Swimming.

Listen for the horn its loud set your watch to our clock this is a timed event; it was the only way to get done before dark

Drink responsibly,  it is a theme we stress.  You must be 21 to go to the beer garden and the bar at the Bolero.  We have a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking so does everyone else in the city (see earlier diatribe).  We support the Hero Campaign check it out; you could save a life by getting on board.  If your friends are drinking this might be your opportunity to be a designated driver.

Have a good time, play hard.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

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